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Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina (PEFNC) is a non-profit organization that advocates for quality educational options through parental school choice. Our mission is to ENGAGE at the grassroots level, EDUCATE North Carolinians about the options in our state, and EMPOWER families to have a voice in their children’s education.

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As the source for parental school choice we travel North Carolina, from the coast to the mountain, to share your stories.

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NC Schools Around Me

PEFNC’s one-of-a-kind web application, NC Schools Around Me, puts parental school choice options right at parents’ fingertips! NC Schools around me enables parents to explore their schooling options within a 10-mile radius for their home.

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Parental School Choice in North Carolina

Private School Choice

North Carolina has a trio of programs designed to provide access to private school choice for families in our state, including the Opportunity Scholarship Program. Click here to learn more about private school choice in North Carolina.

Traditional Public School Choice

Nearly 1.5M students are educated in over 2,400 traditional public schools in our state. Click here for more information.

Public Charter Schools Choice

With nearly 175 public charter schools across our state, options are growing by the day. But, did you know that 50,000+ remain on public charter school waitlists? Click here for more information on public charter schools in our state.

Exceptional Education for Exceptional Students

With a pair of state scholarships for students with special needs, North Carolina is helping families across our state find the exceptional education for their exceptional child. Click here for more information.

Home School

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As North Carolina’s source for parental school choice, we believe in allowing parents to send their children to their school of choice – traditional or nontraditional. PEFNC recognizes that education is not “one size fits all,” and that children have unique needs. Families should have the freedom to choose the best education to meet those needs, regardless of race, zip code or income.

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